retro bras and girdles
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Our Galeries

we are happy, to introduce our products on this sites and hope, that you like our items.
Please click on each photo to see the complete galerie of this product. If you want to buy a
open bra, bullet bra, girdle with suspenders or a dress of "O", please use the "Shop"-Link to get
in our online-store.

dress of o red
Dress of O red/black

open retro bra
Bra open

Bullet cone bra
Bullet Bra

Mini Dress Suspender
 Mini Dress

open girdle and bra
Open girdle set

open shapeware
Open bra / girdle

Bullet bra set
Bullet bra set

ouvert set bra, stockings and girdle
Open bra / girdle

Odress black